Week 2: Classmate Conversation ft. Monica Lock


This is Monica Lock, she’s a third year, currently studying Business at CSULB. During this week’s class meeting, we pondered upon an interesting question: Is art actually important in today’s world?

Our answer were very similar to each other’s in that art is actually very important in today’s world because there are currently so many inspirations in every industry that comes from art and its creativity, that somehow without art, today’s world would not be the same. Since Monica is a Business major, she mentioned that business marketing actually uses a lot of art in order to attract in consumers to buy the company’s product. It is all about appealing to the customer’s eye and attraction through forms of art.

We, as human being, are able to express ourselves everyday through some forms of art or another. By the way we dress and the way we talk and express our emotions all comes from the art we experience in t=our day-to-day lives. Also with he developing world today, basically everything we interact with today is a for of art. social media have taken so much of our individual creativity and create our own forms of art. Take one social media website Instagram, for example, the whole webpage of Instagram allows users to express themselves and their daily lives through forms of art by photography. One individual’s webpage is an art page of their life.

Link to Monica’s Page: http://www.monicalock.wordpress.com


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