Week 1: Art Experience with Plaster Casting

Plaster casting is an exciting process of making nothing into anything and everything. Some needed materials include: plaster, several feet of free sand, a pair of digging hands or a shovel, mixing bucket, salted or salt-free water, some friends and delicious cinnamon and hibiscus tea!

The overall experience of plaster casting is pretty fun and exciting, considering the fact that only my thumb crumbled away into non-existence. At least I still have 4 out of 5 fingers. Now, the tricky part is to make a dense-enough mold out of wet sand so it doesn’t all collapse when you pull your gigantic hand out of the mold. PS: Try to avoid beaches where there are known mole crabs crawling around and biting people’s hands whom are trying to innocently make hand casts. I did manage to run out of plaster in the middle of pouring it into the mold, so the process of re-making the plaster did cause the previous batch to harden up in the stirring bucket and producing a clumpy mixture. If the mixture is  stirred enough, the plaster will be clumpy like oatmeal. However, if stirred too much, it can cause the plaster to harden quicker than the suggested time,  possibly around 20 seconds. So do everything in life in moderation.



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