Week 3: Artist Conversation ft. Wansi Leong

Artist: Wansi Leong
Exhibition: 2068
Media: Oil paint and paint brushes
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: no website at this time
Instagram: faziieong

About the Artist:

Wansi is an undergraduate student at CSULB, currently involved in the Fine Arts Drawing and Painting Program. within the School of Arts. She originally came from an  about four years ago in hope of pursuing her dreams to study fine arts and drawing in the United States. As Wansi was growing up, her and her brother both had interest in pursuing a career in the art department. However, their parents had very different expectations in which to acquire a better living condition and secured jobs, her parents encouraged her to study to medicine or law, in hope that she would be a doctor or lawyer. Opposing her parent, she have dedicated herself to study art and is now a fine artist within the Drawing and Painting Program.

Wansi used oil paint and canvas to compose a picture of what she considers to be her in 52 years, in 2068. The painting had muted colors regarding the color of the room behind the woman and the color of the woman’s outfit. The overall texture of the painting was smooth, but as I get closer to examine the painting, I could see the little brush strokes and I can clearly see there were several different brushes sizes being used to create various textures on the painting. Although the colors surrounding the woman in the background is rather muted and dull, the most vibrant part of the painting is the magenta ball falling down by the woman’s side. It is the focal point of the painting and the vibrant color draws in the audience’s attention.

The painting consisted of a older woman standing in a room and a younger woman reaching through the compact mirror mounted on the wall with a red background behind her. In creating this painting, Wansi imagined herself as both the older and younger woman. The women are both versions of the artist, that of her from this time and another of her in 50 years. As Wansi described it, this painting is about reflecting upon your own life and not having any regrets when you’re close to the end of your life. The dropping of the vibrant magenta ball symbolizes the end of her life. The artist chose to use magenta to emphasizes the ball as the main piece of this painting. As the ball drops, the older woman is getting closer and closer to the end of her life. The younger woman is shown to be coming through the mirror and stopping the older woman from feelings of regrets in her lifetime. The artist created this painting to make a statement that she does not want to regret anything later on in life. She wants to live her life now based on her own decisions and not by outside influences. As stated earlier, she was worried she would disappoint her parents by not becoming what they wanted her to be in life, however her and her family have came to a mutual understanding and her parents are now accepting of her decision to continue to study and practice art.

This piece really resonated with me because I think as people, we are constantly asking ourselves if our daily decisions are the correct paths we are set upon. Constantly worrying her disappointing others and double guessing weather or not the decision we make today could bring regrets to our own lives later in life. However, Wansi’s painting really describe the the stage in my life in which what is life after graduation. I felt very encouraged when i stumbled upon this piece because it really emphasize the power of self-confidence and being able to do what you want to do without worrying about our surroundings. I have to agree that the thought of living life until the end and looking back without any regrets would be amazing feeling and that’s why Wansi’s painting is so intriguing to me.


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