Week 3: Classmate Conversation ft. Daniel Schmitz


This is Daniel Schmitz! I have the pleasure to talk Daniel this week and found out he’s a 5th year Biology major with an option in Molecular Cell. He is quite tall that’s why I only managed to get a picture of a quarter of his face and two giant thumbs up comparable to the size of my head, hence the frowning upon my face. Anyways, our question of the week is: What type of art influence you the most in your life?

Daniel was very vague in his response saying he “doesn’t like much”. As the clock counted down to the end of class, I managed to chipped away some information from him. There are different forms of art that influences Daniel the most, one of which is Fantasy Literature. He likes to read fictional stories, such as “Lord of the Ring” and “Game of Thrones” because the story within are interesting to him and it is like entering “a whole new world” when he opens the book. Besides fantasy literature, he also listen to music, play the guitar and video games during his free time. And these are the modern art today that most influences the life of young Daniel Schmitz!

Click here for Daniel’s page: https://danielsamazingart.wordpress.com


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