Week 4: Artist Conversation ft. Carly Lake

Artist: Carly Lake

Title: Clonal Realm

Media: Sculpture with plywood, clay, acrylic and thread

Galleries: CSULB School of Art Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://www.carlylake.com

Instagram: sea.lake

This week’s artist name is Carly Lake, she is an undergraduate student at CalSate University, Long Beach, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Illustration program. For this exhibition, she collaborated with May Ta, another illustration artist to create pieces that embodies other people’s private spaces and thoughts through various gestures of the human body and objects. Some of Carly’s hobbies in her free time includes: soccer, cross country and juggling. After graduation, she decided not to go to graduate school and get a Masters degree, rather she’d like to teach art as a professor in the future.

Carly’s sculpture was quite vibrant in color, even though the room was staged to be in dimmed lighting with shadow overcast. The piece consisted of multiple colorful layers of the ground piece with merging patterns on the top of the piece, along with some very intricate clay figures standing in a circle. There are also colorful threads on the bottom side of the pieces, hanging down and all coiled and tangled together. The clay figures seem to be inspired by American Indian colors and patterns and the whole piece was hung on threads, draping from the ceiling.

This sculpture was inspired by plants that she have came across during her summer adventures. Even though the plants seem to be separated from each other, they are all connected by the same root system through the same soil. The different layers of the base of the sculpture symbolize the many intricate layers of the soil underneath the ground surface and all the threads tangled from the bottom of the piece embodies the root system that connects all the plants together. Although the roots seem to be coming from all different sides of the base, it all comes together to be united that the very end, indicating the unity of all the plants at its core.

Carly’s sculpture really spoke to me because it embodies the human relationship and how we are all so different, yet in our core, we are all related in one way or another. What is at the surface may look completely different from one another, through our soil and out roots, we are all connected just like the clonal plants. To me, it really is about the human interaction that we all encounter in our every day lives and how those interactions and encounters shape ourselves in ways we don’t even understand. What’s deeper than the surface are the roots and at the roots and core of all connections are our soul-to-soul intimacy and understanding of one another.



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