Week 4: Automatic Drawing

So I found out that automatic drawing is really interesting. At first, I though the activity is going to be weird and awkward with really no sense of direction or meaning. But when I actually started doing it, it became a fun little art project that really reflects on one’s experimental side. For this week’s activity, I sat down on the floor with my boyfriend, knee-to-knee with nothing in between us except some pastel sticks and a giant piece of paper. The light was dimmed and pandora was on. We just let it loose!

We both did not set out to draw anything specific in mind, we both started pretty clueless. I don’t really know how it happened but the colors just glided on the paper and the end result became something that looks like this. I would say it’s a hybrid between Bob the minion, Toad from Super Mario and Jayden Smith’s funky hairstyle. I’d say we both took control at one point or another to dictate where the line started and where it stopped, but we both had our fair share of control and dependency. I decided to leave all the pastel shavings on the image because it gives more of a raw and unpolished look and the result turned out to be quite beautiful.


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