Week 5: Artist Conversation ft. Jane Weibel

Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibiton: Psycho Cycle

Media: Ceramics, photography and paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West

Website: janeweibel.com

Instagram: janemargarette

The artist I chose this week is Jane Weibel. She is a senior at CalState Long Beach, currently in the School of Fine Arts for Ceramics program. She originally came from San Diego, California. As a freshman, she intended to study Biology to become massage therapist. Her passion drove her away from the biological sciences and closer to fine arts, where she found her niche with ceramics.

Jane have designed and coordinated the exhibit to make proclamation of her femininity as well as encourage others to speak up regarding the subject. The exhibit itself was very intriguing and interesting to look, as there were so many colors that draws in attention. Within each of the pieces, there were so many different medias being used. For example, the cage she set up was composed of different household plastic items of different colors that come together to embody a giant sculpture. Besides the plastic in that piece, she also compose the other pieces filled with shredded paper, photographs, ceramics, etc. It seems as though each piece in the exhibit had its own story, but they all share the same message as a whole.

The main message in Jane’s exhibit is to bring light to the way women are so often “spoken over, objectified, dismissed, stereotyped, shamed, cheated, constrained, repressed, overpowered, manipulated, erased, ignored, and harmed.” Her collection really emphasize the neglect that women feel and experience everyday even in the 21st century. In my conversation with Jane, she focused on the pile of shredded paper. The pile of shredded paper represents the identity of women in the work environment, how many women feel like their identity is erased, just like a piece of paper being shredded.

Jane’s collection really spoke to me because in our society today, men and women are considered to be equally valued. However, it is not always the case. In some instances, the value and status of women are deemed to be less than men by society standard and that hindrance keeps women from being who they actually want to be or do what they actually want to do. Women are also often being overpowered and ignored when bigger situations arise and it is just like being trapped in a cage.


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