Week 5: Painting ft. Graffiti Writing


So this week Art Activity is Graffiti Writing! It was super exciting because this is my first time actually doing graffiti with a can of spray paint. Of course, I did it the legal way, I couldn’t go to Venice Beach to do the project but m backyard was the next best thing. I got a giant piece of cardboard and that was my canvas for this project. I had several attempt for this project, but only two of them were presentable. The first one I had no idea what I was doing and I just went in hoping for the best. I intended for the letters to be more of a cute-style bubble letters type. I had to go over some spots more than three times just to make the lettering more opaque. However that caused a lot of the paint to start dripping downward. My second attempt, I felt like I knew a bit more about controls and distance between the spray and the canvas that I attempted something a bit more advance. I looked up some pictures of graffiti work on google and attempted to graffiti my name to be more slanted and edgy. I am happy with how both the pieces and I have to agree the overall experience was very fun!


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