Week 6: Art Activity with Flip Books

Hello all!

This week’s art activity focused on making either a “zine” (magazine-styled booklet) or a flip book. I decided to make a flip book because I thought it would better showcase my idea in a moving picture form. The experience while making the flip book was quite fun, the hardest part was actually deciding on what do draw within the flip book and how that image would be incorporated into make a moving picture through different pages of the book. I decided to draw a flower sprouting from the ground in beautiful sunlight and slowly withering away as the sun goes away. I decided to draw this because it really portrays the importance of just taking a breather in your life and taking the time to relax and enjoy the nature that’s available to us. As students and working individuals, our daily lives are always so hectic and full with environmental stress, and we don’t often get a chance to just sit down and enjoy our surrounding. Before we know it, the beauty that grew, is no longer there to be looked at. Please enjoy this little snippet video of my flip book!


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