Week 9: Art Care Package

This week’s activity is to put together an art care package together and I chose to put one together for my little niece. She is 10 years old in 3rd grade and she loves cute, brightly colored designs. In creating this care package, I tried to put things together that she would actually appreciate and like. Some of the items include: notecards, bookmarks and stickers as well as some christmas related items for the upcoming holiday time, as it is her and my favorite time of the year. It’s kind of similar to sending someone a Snapchat, in a way that they will receive the content of both messages. In a way, it is also different from sending a Snapchat because it required more time of putting together and the feeling I think it gives the receiver and sender is different from a simple snap. The package I’m sending is a little different from what would be seen in a museum or gallery, as it was designed for a child, whereas a museum or gallery displays art that mostly designed for an older audience, whom would most likely pay more attention to detail than a 10 year old. The time difference between sending a Snapchat and sending someone a package does make a difference. Of course sending a Snapchat is the faster way, and it is better when the message is urgent and better if the sender wants it to be viewed quickly. Where sending someone a package is slower, but gives more meaning, because instead of a quick message, the package could include multiple messages and gives more details within its content.



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