Week 9: Artist Conversation ft. Carmina Correa

Artist: Carmina Correa

Exhibition: “Untitled”

Media: Sugar, water, corn syrup, construction grade materials, paint and found objects.

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, East Gatov Gallery West

Website: Not at the moment

Instagram: Personal Instagram

This week’s artist is Carmina Correa and she did her exhibition with two other artists. She is an undergraduate BFA student currently in the sculpturing program at CSULB. She is currently in her senior after being transferred from Cypress community college. After graduation, she plans to work as a fabricator using 3D printing and new technology in Anaheim, CA. During her free time, she plays competitive video games such as Starcraft 2 and other first person shooter games.

Her pieces in this gallery consisted of the sugar piece as well as the confession booth in the back of the room. The confession booth was probably the most intriguing thing in the exhibit because it’s the largest piece in the room and it’s kind of hard to ignore. It’s a big booth made out of construction wood, drywall and paint. Walking inside the booth, there was an immediate blacked-out room leading next to a bright room, filled with stuffed animals, candles, etc. The sugar piece was on the other side of the room, it was made out of sugar, constructed in bright colors, and surrounded by sugar grains spread on the floor.

Carmina created her pieces on the things that makes people uncomfortable. As a Filipino American, religion is definitely an important aspect of her culture and as a child growing up until now she never fully understand the concept of a confession booth in the church. It was always weird for her that people would go inside a confession booth and confess. Also because she has never been in one, she tries to embody how she thinks what it would feel like to be inside of one. In her confession booth, she puts a lot of uncomfortable objects, such as stuffed animals, candles and weird objects to represent how uncomfortable being inside a confession booth would feel to her. The sugar piece is to show off a thing in her life that she doesn’t really feel comfortable with either as she is a type 2 diabetes.

I found her exhibition really interesting. Instead of staying away from things that make her uncomfortable, like most human beings. She decided to embrace it in a way that displays it outside for everyone to see, and almost poking fun of it. The confession booth I found most interesting because I’ve never been inside one either, and I think being inside her confession booth exhibit really was a weird experience and I think that’s probably exactly what I’d probably be feeling if I was in an actual confession booth.


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