Week 11: Classmate Conversation ft.Cindy Le


During this week’s classmate conversation, I met Cindy Le. She is currently a sophomore with a  pre-biology major at CalState Long Beach. This week’s topic of discussion focused around the new Demi Lovato’s artist sketch that have been surfacing around the internet. We were to give our opinion on whether we think her reaction to the artist was the appropriate reaction, or did she react too strongly to an innocent sketch.

So Cindy and I basically said the same, in that we don’t really think whether Demi’s reaction is correct or not. She is entitled to her own opinions and how she wants to react, just lie anyone else. Just because she is a public figure, does not suggests she needs to hold her voice and opinion on what she likes or dislikes. Because Demi is already such a public person already, it kind of gives artists the ability to paint or sketch her. Even though the artist did not mean for the sketch to upset Demi, as Demi was the inspiration for the image, the artist probably was just honoring her image when making the sketch. Since it is Demi’s body and she views that since she already overshares her life, or have given no privacy, she is atlas entitled to voice her opinion.

Other than that, we both agreed that people will always their opinions and no one is right and no one is wrong. No one set out to publicly humiliate or disrespect anyone, it’s just how society deems it.

Click here to check out Cindy’s blog: https://cyneele.wordpress.com


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