Classmate Conversation ft. Lukas Fuentes


This week’s classmate conversation question was based on The Matrix. The question asked each of us whether we would want to take the red pill, which would allow us to understand the truth about the world, or take the blue pill, which allow us to be ignorant of the truth and live a normal life. One of the classmate I had the pleasure of talking to was Lukas Fuentes. He is currently a 5th year studying Biochemistry at CalState Long Beach. After his graduation this year, he plans to continue his college career outside of state. I’ve never fully seen The Matrix so my knowledge of the movie pretty came from what Lukas summarized. When asking Lukas this complex question, he took a while, but ultimately he said he would prefer to take the red pill. He mentioned that he would take the red pill to know the truth about the world regardless of how painful it would be. Also his curiosity would never let him not take the red pill, which I thought was a really good and interesting  approach to answering the question.


Check out Lukas website:


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