Art 110 Feedback

Hello there!

This has been a great semester and I’d like to input some of my feedback for our Art 100 class. The class overall was very fun and different to how my other classes are structured. I really liked the fact that we are all stuck to one room or one activity for the entire semester, the students were allowed to roam around, learn and create at their own pace. That is a plus!

My top favorite art activities were: plaster casting, zine and flip books and finger painting.

My least favorite activities were: landscape with a  corpse, art care package, vlogs.

The hybrid class format actually worked out great for me, because it allowed me time to do other homework and focus on my other classes on Monday, yet still be able to give my full dedicated 1 hour and 15 minute to Art 110 each week. I think otherwise I would be too focused on my major classes and not be able to give enough attention to the art class.

The weekly blog posts, I don’t really have an opinion about. I do enjoy what other people in my class have done for the previous week’s art activity and once in a while see my own art work on there too, so that’s nice!

ePortfolio is something that I haven’t given much thought to, because being a science major, I didn’t think too much about create a art profile for myself. However, as Glenn and Carla mentioned it in class, I actually think the ePortfolio is actually a good idea for any major, not just to showcase what they did in Art 110 class, but it also showcase their personality and style through the many blog posts that the students did.

My least favorite thing about the class has to be the Art Discussion posts.I think the discussion could be done in class when we meet that week, to make it less of a thing that “we have to do” and more of an actual discussion where student’s inputs and thoughts are shared. Some of the discussions were really interesting, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to go over and read everybody’s post. I could only read a few, so I think a class discussion on the videos would be a better idea!

Thank you for a great semester and I wish everyone the best of luck on their finals!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    Thanks Tina!!

    Good luck in 2017! 😀


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