Week 15: Artist Conversation ft. Amy Duran

Artist: Amy Duran

Exhibit: Love Houses

Media: Ceramics

Instagram: @polkadot.pony

Website: Not at this moment

This week’s artist conversation, I had a chance to take to Amy Duran about her art exhibit, which I found to be really intriguing and filled with intricate and detailed pieces. Amy is a transfer student from Cypress College and she is currently studying in the BFA ceramics program. In the future, she hopes to get an internship working with PIXAR to create motion puppets for film illustrations. Besides sculptures and ceramics, in her free time, she also enjoys watching movies, baking and decorating cakes.

When I first entered the exhibit, it was quite overwhelming because throughout the whole semester, I have not seen these many art pieces in one gallery before, and most of them were for sell. Amy’s pieces, especially have so much attention to detail that every piece is quite different from another. It actually took me awhile to stand at her table and look for similarities within the different pieces. Of course some are meant to be replicas of another, however, none of the pieces are exactly alike and that’s what I liked most about such exhibitions because everything is one of a kind.

As mentioned earlier, during her free time, Amy loves to partake in the cake-decorating activity and she has incorporated those skills of her hobbies into her crafts. She actually uses cake-decorating pipes to tend to her art pieces, which I thought was really unique. A lot of her pieces consisted of flowers and intricate designs on them, which she made using her pipes to create kind of a 3D design on the ceramics.

I really liked her pieces overall, I thought they had a lot of depth and personality to them. As I got the chance to talk to her more, I could really start to see her design thoughts for her pieces. She really presented some contrast to her pieces. Some are masculine in terms that they are just plain ceramics, however a feminine touch was added to the piece with embroider white flowers. Throughout her pieces, I could really see her creative design and personality in her work.


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