Week 2: Landscape with a Corpse

IMG_5264So my thought when creating this scene was to emphasize on the light versus dark surround the dead corpse. The surrounding of the car was quite clean and white, however, what’s inside was rather dark and depressing. The capture of this picture was quite difficult because the right angle needed to be captured in order to display the bleach cleaner and excess towels in the background, that would be needed to “take care of” the corpse after being dumped. The picture shows off pretty well what I wanted to capture in it, however, I did wish the trunk was a tad bit larger to fit in a larger shovel.

There were also some “tester” pictures of different angles that I’ve tried, showing off the dead corpse inside the trunk and the killer standing at the edge of the car, closing down the trunk. However because those photos were captured from a  dark place facing out to the light, there were too much backlight involved and the pictures were too unclear. Overall the experience of taking the corpse picture was very fun yet odd, and I got to lay in the back of the trunk and realized how much I needed to clean it out.


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